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Customized Visual Documents

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    Posted 09-10-2021 15:45
    ProntoForms offers three levels of documents and customization: standard offering; self-service customization; and professional services customization.

    You can leverage our standard documents, which is beneficial as they do not require any customization and will accommodate most use cases. These documents will be included in your team and will allow for moderate customization. You can find out more about this option by navigating to the article from our knowledge base in the link below.

    You will also have the ability to generate more personalized documents with every form submission. This option can be especially important if you are submitting forms which must follow a very specific design, for example a W-4 or I-9; or if you are servicing customers who require their documents to look and feel a certain way. ProntoForms allows citizen developers to create their own fully customized documents by leveraging a number of different options and functionality. Below you can find links to articles from our knowledge base which will describe these options in more detail. These are options for customers who want to design and maintain these documents themselves with no interaction from our professional services team. 
    Additionally, our professional services team is also available to produce extensively customized documents for you. The cost for a custom document design from our professional services team is a one-time charge. You can send us a scan of a physical document for our team to review and use as a template to recreate within our environment. We will provide you with a statement of work for your approval and then send you a quote to sign once you have approved the statement of work. One thing to note is that these documents and the forms they are associated to will be locked from editing, mainly to avoid breaking the customization as a result of form changes; so further edit requirements would have to involve our professional services team once again and would incur a cost each time.

    If you are interested in having our team produce these visual documents for you then please reach out to your account executive or your customer success manager and we will get the process started!

    David Casal Del Castillo
    Senior Customer Success Manager

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