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Short Introduction to the API

  • 1.  Short Introduction to the API

    Posted 09-09-2021 10:20
    Edited by David Casal Del Castillo 12-16-2021 14:48

    While the ProntoForms solution offers a vast number of native connections to many different cloud-based systems, some times the back-end systems you leverage may not be included in our offering. Fortunately, the ProntoForms API allows developers to integrate their back-end systems with ProntoForms. You can leverage the API to update data sources (lookups), manage user accounts, and more.

    The API uses a RESTful approach to web services. The technologies that you will use to work with the API, like standard HTTP request methods over SSL and XML and JSON data formats, are widely understood and supported across programming and scripting languages. You can find more information about the API in our knowledge base but below are two articles that should help get you started.

    A couple of disclaimers on the API; ProntoForms does not create or maintain code for the API. Typically, customers will have a citizen programmer who can help with this task or we can recommend a partner to help develop the code. The API allows systems to communicate with each other, basically the form submissions would reach our server and the data would be ready to be consumed. A script on another server would be running at a frequency configured by you to grab the data and then move it to whichever back-end system you are using. So, it is not necessarily a data destination that is configured directly in ProntoForms, we just open the doors for the data to be collected through an API call.

    Guidance is available when it comes to understanding our API capabilities and endpoints. We can certainly ensure your journey to realizing value is accelerated through an understanding of the API, we just do not author the code as previously stated. We plan on continuing improving our API documentation which will be available in the community for all our citizen developers, so look forward to that!

    Aside from the API you can also have a look at our custom integration capabilities. ProntoForms also has built in HTTP Data Sources and Data Destinations we refer to as WebHooks. These would be a lower code integration solution when compared to the REST API and can be set up rather quickly. Information on our WebHooks can be found in our knowledge base by navigating to the links below and there is also a tutorial if you wish to walk through the steps required to integrate.

    David Casal Del Castillo
    Senior Customer Success Manager

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