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How to reset a connection to an external service

  • 1.  How to reset a connection to an external service

    Posted 03-18-2022 10:40
    Edited by Varun Raval 03-18-2022 11:14

    Hello Everyone, My name is Varun, and I am one of the Analysts in the Support team here at ProntoForms.

    In this post, I am going to talk about Connections. Questions about Connections are one of the most repeatedly asked requests we receive in Support.

    Those who do not know, Connections are used to link external services to configure Data Sources and Data Destinations. ProntoForms' customers use many of our out of the box connections in their workflows.

    Frequently the Support team receives questions and requests on topics like the Data Source no longer working or a Data Destination, like Microsoft SharePoint or Google Drive, no longer receiving data but yet the customer is still receiving emails correctly and everything else is working fine.

    In most cases, this is related to the Connection Token, which might have expired. To resolve this, enter the credentials again on the Connection page which will reset the Connection. To find the Connection on which the issue is occurring go to

    Go to the Connection page and click on update from the dropdown menu next to the Connection name.

    On this page you will see your connected account name and a button marked "Clear" with a red circle in it.

    Click on the "Clear" button which will then be replaced by a button that reads "Connect" with a green circle.

    Clicking on that button will open a window where you can enter the connection credentials.

    Once you enter the credentials the Connection is reset. ProntoFroms will get a new token from the provider and every Data Source and Data Destination using this Connection will start working again

    Varun Raval
    Support Analyst

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