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  • 1.  Key Project Data across multiple projects

    Posted 02-20-2022 01:32
    We run multiple projects, with the same team and want to dispatch key project data only to the associated projects forms.
    What is the best way to do this?

    Example would be:
    Project 1 has 5o forms
    The team is John and Paul.
    The key project data, is the project name (Yellow Submarine), project number (4000) and site name (Cavern Club).

    Project 2 has 60 forms (40 of the same forms from project 1)
    The team is John Paul and Ringo.
    The key project data, is the project name (Best Album Ever), project number (4320) and site name (Abby Road).

    To date we have used the dropdown function, and a CSV data Source. But across many forms, this is a tedious process. We are wanting to auto populate as many fields as possible.

    torien de jager
    Jag Finance and Technology

  • 2.  RE: Key Project Data across multiple projects

    Posted 02-21-2022 04:54
    Hard to answer this without knowing more about the project, but a few things come to mind:
    1. Have you considered reducing the number of forms by making each individual form into a section of a master form?
      • An example would be two forms with 25 sub-sections for Project 1 instead of 50 individual forms
      • This would allow for a 'General Information' section of the master forms that always has the key project information
      • One thing I really like about this method is that all of your submission data is easier to gather and analyze. Analysis becomes much more tedious with every additional form in my experience
    2. Whether you can consolidate the forms or not, I think the feature you are looking for is Pushing Data to Other Questions from a Data Source
      • We use this capability all over the place in our forms. In your example, by selecting a project name (Yellow Submarine) the form would automatically populate the project number (4000) and site name (Cavern Club) questions in the form based on them being in the same row in the CSV data source
    If you are already pushing data with that feature, then I will be interested to hear more about your use case and see if anyone else has good solutions to offer.

    Matt Lambert
    Vice President of Operations
    PrimeLine Utility Services

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