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  • 1.  Feature Request: Custom question metadata/tags

    Posted 09-21-2021 10:43
    Edited by Calvin Hunter 09-21-2021 10:43
    Hey guys,

    I've been working with data records (json) directly for a few years now, and also with your custom documents team quite a bit, and one thing that I've found would be really useful is the ability to add metadata to individual questions. This metadata wouldn't be used by the prontoforms app at all, but would be available in the data record itself, to be used by third party integrations - like Ecrion.

    For example, rather than telling your custom doc team "questions 1, 3, 9, 11, 15, 23, etc.." should only show when X=Y, I could set meta data for those questions and just say "all questions that contain metadata Z, should only show up when X=Y"

    Another example is specific to my use case - I use a custom API to digest the raw JSON data records for every form submitted, and then I take the data from those records and put it into a dispatchable JSON file to be used the next time we attend that site. I only want to preserve specific data - not every question - and as it is right now I have to manually maintain a list of question IDs to be preserved. If I could assign a metadata tag to questions, I could just set a "preserve" metadata tag and have my code check for that tag.

    Just something that I think would be fairly easy to implement on your end and could save us both some effort when working with data records.

    Edit: I didn't mean to post this in use cases, oops!

    Calvin Hunter
    Project Manager
    Vipond Inc

  • 2.  RE: Feature Request: Custom question metadata/tags

    Posted 09-21-2021 11:30
    Hi Calvin,  Thanks for your post.  I'm going to move this thread into our General group, as it's more appropriate there.  I'm also going to look into whether anyone here has some suggestions on how to get this workflow for you.

    Pat Cooney
    Community Engineer

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