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New Feature Announcement: Repeatable Destinations for Salesforce

  • 1.  New Feature Announcement: Repeatable Destinations for Salesforce

    Posted 11-29-2021 09:18

    Say goodbye to having to create a data destination for EACH data row that you want to send to Salesforce. Our new Repeatable Destinations feature is going to save you hours of mindless setup when building big and complex forms! 

    Repeatable Destinations is a brand-new feature released for our Advanced and Enterprise tiers. It is a Data Destination that sends data from a Repeatable Section to Salesforce. 

    You can also configure a standalone Repeatable Destination or link a Repeatable Destination to a parent Salesforce record. For example, you can link a list of required parts to a parent Salesforce Order record. 

    The Repeatable Destinations feature supports the following Data Destinations: 

    • Salesforce Account 
    • Salesforce Case 
    • Salesforce Contact 
    • Salesforce Lead 
    • Salesforce Standard, Custom, or Big Object 

    You can learn how to set up the new Repeatable Destinations from our product documentation: 

    Are you currently sending data from Repeatable Sections to Salesforce? We'd love to hear how this feature will help you save time with your form building! 

    Pat Cooney
    Community Engineer

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