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Updates to our Terms and Conditions

  • 1.  Updates to our Terms and Conditions

    Posted 02-24-2022 09:24

    Hello Community members, 

    This is just a courtesy post to let you know that on Friday February 25th, 2022, the ProntoForms Community will be updating our Terms and Conditions to accommodate our new "Center of Excellence" (CoE) offering.  

    This will be a free offering to customers who request it and is aimed at providing an opportunity to establish a ProntoForms Center of Excellence within your organization, hosted by the ProntoForms Community. This CoE would be a private Group, administrated and moderated by a member (or members) of your organization, with membership "by-invite" only. The Group is essentially a Community just for your organization, within our Community. 

    There are branding options and a menu of widgets you can select from to structure your CoE to suit your needs. By being hosted within the ProntoForms Community it means that if anyone in your CoE has a product, workflow, industry specific, or any other questions, you will have hundreds of ProntoForms staff and your peers just a click away!  

    The attached slide outlines the offering. If your organization is interested in learning more about this, please email and we will be happy to meet with you and your team to walk through this. We'll also provide guidance to help your team establish your CoE from Ideation and Strategy to Scaling and Sustaining your CoE.

    The updated Terms and Conditions reference is primarily in section 6. We are including this section below for your reference. However, this snippet references other sections which should also be reviewed when you accept the new Terms and Conditions of the Community.

    6. GROUPS 

    If you are given access to and use of one or more Community Groups by either a Group Administrator or a ProntoForms Super Administrator, then notwithstanding 4(i) above, we agree to refrain from publicly sharing any Content that you submit to a Group and will treat all such Content as private to the Group; however, as we cannot control the actions of other Group members, as stated in 4(ii) above, you should have no expectation of privacy with respect to Content you submit to a Community Group. If you agree to act as a Group Administrator, you agree to: (i) maintain the validity of memberships within the Group and immediately notify the ProntoForms Super Administrator (using the contact information provided at 8 below) if a member is removed from the Group, including the reason for such removal; and (ii) ensure all Group members adhere to the Community Rules & Etiquette Guidelines and the Community Content Policy (as described in 4 above), failing which, you agree to immediately email the ProntoForms Super Administrator with details of the Group member's misconduct using the contact information provided at 8 below.  


    What do you need to do on Friday the 28th? 

    1. On Friday February 28th (or any date thereafter when you next log into the Community) you will be presented with the updated Terms & Conditions. We would HIGHLY suggest any time you are presented with Terms & Conditions from ProntoForms, or any other vendor, that you take the time to read them. 
    2. If you agree, Accept the Terms & Conditions presented by checking the box and continue to enjoy the ProntoForms Community. 

    Pat Cooney & Stu Rathbone,
    Your ProntoForms Community team

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