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This Week In Support: MS SharePoint List Data Destination error

  • 1.  This Week In Support: MS SharePoint List Data Destination error

    Posted 10-27-2022 10:00

    In ProntoForms Support, we see customers raise tickets about "Operation Not Permitted: Forbidden: accessDenied" or "Microsoft Graph API Error: List Path resulted in invalid List name: Gustavo Rodriguez/MyCompanyList" errors like in the below screenshot when a SharePoint List destination runs. 

    Our SharePoint
     List destination documentation describes that this can happen when a SharePoint Site Prefix and List Path is not properly entered on the Destination Configuration. 

    To overcome these issues, you should first refer to the URL in your SharePoint
     list and grab the correct information from there. 

    The above image provides all the details need
    ed to set the configuration in the following way 

    As you may have noticed, the /Lists/ part is not needed as mentioned in our documentation's Note. 

    In case you rename a list, you must also update the list path on the SharePoint List destination, even though the SharePoint List URL doesn't change. 

    The update should reflect the new name

    If the destination is still failing, try double-checking the spaces in between, the name must match exactly what you have in your SharePoint
     list configuration. 

    Gustavo Rodriguez
    Technical Lead, Customer Support

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