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  • 1.  Summary of Failed Questions

    Posted 06-08-2023 09:57


    in an inspection form with several repeatable sections with answers pass/fail, is there any way to show at the end of the form a summary of all the questions that have failed?

    Something like:

    Section A question 3 failed

    Section B question 6 failed

    Section B question 8 failed

    Section C question 1 failed





    Alicia Rico
    Johnson Controls

  • 2.  RE: Summary of Failed Questions

    Posted 06-08-2023 13:50

    I've done something similar.  I have hidden questions in each section that I set to a "1" or a "0" to indicate pass/fail.  Then outside the repeatable section I summarize each of those values.  In this case, I'd have a hidden question like "SectionAQuestion3" and set it to "1" if it passes.  Then at the bottom of the repeatable section, you have options to calculate a sum for each of these questions.  If any of them are = 1, then that question passed.  Or whatever you want.  Just be sure to use numerical values so a summation value can be calculated.

    Scott Gilleland
    Senior Field Service Engineer
    Messer Cutting Systems

  • 3.  RE: Summary of Failed Questions

    Posted 06-09-2023 10:59

    Just wanted to comment as I would like this feature as well. I once set up a form with 4 repeatable sections. Then at the very end of the form I had a summary page. My hope was to actually summarize the topics that failed. So a little summary page stating, topics 3 & 6 failed inspection. I tried the route the Scott provided below but the numerical summary isn't as useful (ie. 3 questions failed inspection) vs a true summary of what actually failed. I ended up scrapping the repeatable sections. I just used side by side format and then had all of the answers pushed to the end. Definitely not ideal as it was a bit more set-up and question maintenance. 

    Luke Greene
    Risk Analyst

  • 4.  RE: Summary of Failed Questions

    Posted 06-11-2023 20:49

    I can't comment on this being added as default functionality, but I'll chime in to say that the ProntoForms professional services team can do this with a custom document. We use custom documents extensively, and one of the things we have them do on all of our documents is collect and summarize all the questions that generate exceptions, along with any additional comments the users add to them. 

    Might be worth reaching out to them if this has a lot of value for you.

    Calvin Hunter
    Project Manager
    Vipond Inc

  • 5.  RE: Summary of Failed Questions

    Posted 06-12-2023 13:42

    Hi everyone, 

    This is a great discussion percolating, nice work!!

    After checking in with the team, I will give credit to the highly creative expertise of our colleague @Jesse Collier for coming up with a unique and visually effective way of presenting the results in the PDF output. 

    It hinges on a colour-coded button group field, a little conditional logic, creating exception categories and attaching a formatted PDF document to display passes, warns and fails effectively.

    Let's walk through it, and for this example, I'll be focusing only on showing the 'fails' in the PDF output, like this:

    pdf output of fails

    Let's explore how to get the PDF formatted in this way:

    (1) Create a new form, and let's start by setting up a repeatable section, containing these fields: AssetID, Result and ResultHidden.

    repeatable section
    (a) For the AssetID field: 
    • choose a text field
    • set validation if you need to (Change Control or Data Type) - like integer, to avoid typos 
    • make it required
    text field
    • click save
    (b) For the Result field: 
    • choose a button group field type
    • make it required
    • in the Options tab, set up options 'Pass', 'Warn' and 'Fail'
    • you may want to colour the options green, yellow and red:
    button group colours

    That way, the 'fail' selection, for example, shows up like this on the mobile device:
    red for fail
    • click save
    (c) For the ResultHidden field:
    • you can duplicate the Result field, renaming it to ResultHidden
    • unselect to be required
    • make it hidden on device, because we want this field to show up on the PDF output, but not to the mobile user:
    HiddenResult field

    • click save
    (2) Next, in the Conditional Logic tab within the repeatable section, set up a rule that if for the Result field, the selection is 'fail', the ResultHidden field 'is set to' the Result field:
    conditional logic
    (3) In the main form (out of the repeatable section), head into the Settings tab at the very top, and then in the Exception Categories tab on the left-hand side, for this example, we'll start by creating one called 'fail', and choose the colour red:
    exception category
    For this example we'll create an Exception Category for 'fail', but you can continue to create for 'pass' and 'warn', as needed. 
    (4) Head back into the Form Builder, click in to edit your repeatable section. For the field ResultHidden, click in to edit, and in the Properties tab at the top, toggle the Answer Exceptions to be on. From the Exception Category you just created in Settings, as you click there, it will auto-populate, select 'fail' and then the colour red:
    apply exception category
    • click save
    (5) Save and deploy the form, which brings you back to the form diagram. I would suggest having this form diagram open in one tab. In the top right corner, find the Documents area, right-clicking to open up a new tab. 
    That way, you'll have two tabs open, and in the tab with the form diagram, open that one to the Pages & Questions area, so you can see all your Unique IDs. We'll want to focus on these, as we're building the Document template:
    pages and questions tab
    (6) In the tab open on the Documents page, click to Create Document, choosing PDF. Alternatively, you can edit an existing PDF, just make sure to remember the title of the one you're working on, so you can easily find it later. 
    (7) Click on the Formatting tab at the top, then Appearance on the left-hand side. Scroll to the very bottom of the page, and where it says Table Layouts, click to add a table. For the Repeatable Section Unique ID, paste in your values:
    table format
    ... where the Headers are Asset ID and Result, but the Answers, which are the Unique IDs for those fields, are AssetID and ResultHidden. They're each 50% width and left alignment. Save these settings. 
    (8) Next step is to make sure your PDF document is attached to your form, and a helpful example will be that the PDF is attached to an email, as a data destination. To do that, click back into your form to edit, and once inside, click on the Settings tab. Find Documents, and then make sure your new document is added in there:
    attach PDF
    (9) Click on Destinations at the very top, make sure the form is configured to attach this PDF, in this example, I set up an email data destination:
    email with PDF
    More on data destinations and connecting documents here: Connecting Destinations and Documents to Forms
    (10) Save and deploy your form. Search the form name and pull it up on your mobile device to test. 
    (11) Once we run a test, we can see the PDF document output looks like this:
    pdf output
    I think that's a really neat way of displaying the results in an intuitive way, I tip my hat to you, Jesse!
    Here's a bit more on colour-coding fields for document outputs:
    Last but not least, there's always the option to engage with our Professional Services team, who can build out templates like this for you, or if you'd like, even more elaborate ones. We have design wizards on staff to custom-code even more beautiful outputs according to how you'd like them to look. You can get a quote by reaching out to
    Here's more on configuring the look of Documents that can be done right within the platform:
    We hope this helps you on your way - happy building!

    Technical Content Developer

  • 6.  RE: Summary of Failed Questions

    Posted 06-13-2023 02:56


    thanks all for your great comments and examples. In fact, I was looking for something with the following structure:

    I know it is complicated.

    I would like to see the summary table in the device for the tech to review, but if it is not possible, then only in the pdf.


    Alicia Rico
    Johnson Controls

  • 7.  RE: Summary of Failed Questions

    Posted 06-14-2023 12:32

    Hi Alicia, 

    I can see how that would be valuable, that the mobile user sees a summary of everything (let's say before they submit). There are a few ways to accommodate that:

    (1) depending on the form, you can set up a final page, which can act as a summary for the pages before it. That would only be possible for selection-based questions though, not freeform text. So for example if you had a question on page 2 with a button group, options are Yes and No, you could on page 3, set up a button group, and a conditional logic rule that if page 2's answer is Yes, page 3's answer is Yes. 

    It really comes down to what's possible based on your form and intended outcomes, and for that, speaking with a Professional Services / Implementation Specialist is your best bet. They can explore options with you in a more detailed way, as a one-to-one conversation. 

    (2) Also worth noting, is the mobile user does see a Summary button, which is available at the bottom left in the app, as in this screenshot:

    summary button
    This shows what's been entered into the form already.
    (3) Lastly, the mobile user can review once they submit, they can see the PDF that would have the summary as we've explored earlier. They just head into their Sent box, and then click on the submission, sometimes hold, and they will be able to see the PDF output on their mobile screen. 
    I hope that helps out on your way! 

    Technical Content Developer

  • 8.  RE: Summary of Failed Questions

    Posted 06-27-2023 05:30

    Hello Erika, 

    this summary is very important for long forms. Imagine that you produce a document with 50-150 pages. Someone may go through all the pages, but, probably, they would like to see a summary of all defects. Also, if the form needs to be reviewed by a supervisor before sending it to the customer, it helps a lot.

    In the end, what I have done is: tech submits, sends defects of all individual repeatable sections to a sharepoint list and dispatches a second form to the supervisor. When the supervisor opens the form, the defects are loaded in a page at the end of the form from the sharepoint list. This is also printed in the report. When the supervisor submits, the lines in the sharepoint list are marked for deletion and a power automate process deletes them.  A workaround with the perfect result.

    Thanks a lot for the suggestions.

    Alicia Rico
    Johnson Controls

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