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  • 1.  (Re)Dispatch a Declined Form

    Posted 06-14-2023 03:56

    I have just discovered that you cannot re-issue (dispatch) a declined form from the portal. It hasn't come up as an issue for us in the last five years so is probably not a big issue, but today noticing that would be a useful feature to have and probably not a lot of work to create (given functionality to "issue to user for edit" exists in other form states)?

    The time saving is significant as the form (work order) as originally dispatched has a lot of data in it and this needs to be recreated to issue to a different user.

    I can see a discussion topic from eight years ago around this subject but guessing it never made it to a service request.

    Anyone else benefit from this feature?



    Stephen Morrison
    Business Information and Performance Director
    BCA Insulation

  • 2.  RE: (Re)Dispatch a Declined Form

    Posted 06-15-2023 12:15

    Hello Stephen, 

    Thanks for raising this - I wonder if any of these options might add value for you, as the dispatched forms are 'owned' by the user the admin sends to:

    (1) the user can decline

    (2) the user can submit incomplete

    (3) the admin can unassign

    ... those are all explored here:

    (4) the admin can re-dispatch:

    I hope these help you on your way!



    Technical Content Developer

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