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Product help, right where you need it!

  • 1.  Product help, right where you need it!

    Posted 02-23-2023 13:58
    Edited by Pat Cooney 02-23-2023 14:05

    A new kind of Product help

    Here in Product Documentation, we're busy rolling out "context-sensitive" help in the Web Portal and Form Builder. With this type of help, which we call "CSH", you can find information about settings and features without clicking away to another web page.

    What is CSH?

    CSH is bite-sized pieces of content directly related to what you're doing. You'll see text, images, and even videos that will get you "unstuck" or explain what a setting does.

    How does it work?

    When you see a ? icon (in the Web Portal, for now), that's a piece of CSH content.

    Select the question mark to open the CSH.
    Result: The CSH opens right there in the Web Portal:

    When will I see more CSH content?

    We've just started to roll this out, so watch for new CSH in both the Web Portal and Form Builder. When will we finish? Never! We'll always be looking for ways to make form building, data collection, and integrations easier to understand and set up.

    What's in it for me?

    With CSH, you can get the info you need, right where you are.

    Next steps

    Help us focus on the right content. Let us know where you get stuck, and where some quick help would make your life easier. Reply here in the Community, or drop us a line at

    Karen Cann
    Senior Technical Writer

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