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New Training Released: Standard layout options for PDF documents - deep dive

  • 1.  New Training Released: Standard layout options for PDF documents - deep dive

    Posted 08-24-2023 13:28

    Earlier this summer ProntoForms University released our Level 1, Self-Paced, On-Line training as the next level of training to compliment our flagship onboarding training offering.

    Today we have published an update to our lesson on standard layout options for PDF documents. This lesson deep dives into just about every setting and property currently available in the product which allows form builders to take full advantage of the capabilities to format the data collected in the ProntoForms app into a human-readable, consumable PDF.  Your organization may be sending PDFs to customers, internal stakeholders or to systems for compliance & audit storage systems, or to all of them at the same time. (Yep, we can do that!)

    If you are new to ProntoForms or have never explored the countless options available, we think you'll be amazed at just how much you can do to format your PDFs. You'll also find plenty of PDF document creations tips, tricks and best practices throughout the lesson and videos. Each video also has an index so if/when you need to come back to them for a specific topic, you can find it quickly.  (Tip: ProntoForms University On-Line has an EXCELLENT search capability to help you find specific training quickly, check it out).

    If you have any questions or comments, or perhaps want to share some of your experience with PDF document creation, please don't hesitate to drop a comment below, the Community would love to hear from you! Is there a specific topic on the subject of Documents you would like to see next?

    You can find the updated lesson in ProntoForms University under "Level 1" ,  "L1 - Documents"

    (Note: If you have an account to this Community you don't need to do anything but visit ProntoForms University to get started.
    If you do not have an account, click the Sign Up button on the login screen to get access to both the Community and ProntoForms University.)

    Below are the indexes for the 4 videos just published.

    Video 1 of 4: Documents - Basics & Custom Documents

    10 minutes 41 seconds

    • 00:50 - Document types
    • 03:47 - How to copy a document
    • 04:03 - Global custom branding for iOS, Android, LIVE web portal, documents
    • 06:56 - Associating a document to an existing form, document Basics, formats
    • 09:09 - Standard, custom templates, DREL, Apache FreeMarker, Handlebars
    • 10:03 - Using ProntoForms Professional Services for pixel-perfect document outputs


    Video 2 of 4: Documents - Global Settings & Document Layout Tabs

    5 minutes 46 seconds

    • 00:19 - Global Settings Tab, paper size, orientation, page breaks
    • 00:29 - Output file properties, purpose and use
    • 01:26 - Document header, title
    • 02:11 - Reviewing / visualizing changes to your document as you build it
    • 03:49 - Title customization, formatting
    • 04:49 - Submission metadata, inclusions, formatting, colour choices
    • 05:20 - Footer, tip for multi-page documents


    Video 3 of 4: Documents - Appearance Tab

    6 minutes 21 seconds

    • 00:21 - Page and section headings, hide / show pages and sections, style formatting
    • 02:43 - Colours, RGB, HSB, HTML / hex codes, how to match your company colours
    • 04:11 - Repeat section entry headings, content layout, boxed / non-boxed layout
    • 05:09 - Adjusting column width
    • 05:25 - Table layout, repeatable section layouts with DREL


    Video 4 of 4: Documents - Answer Format Tab

    8 minutes 13 seconds

    • 00:13 - Button groups, visualize several question types like multi-select, dropdown, show display value / submitted value
    • 02:20 - Attachments, visualize several question types like photos, sketch pad, signature, barcode scanner, image compression, image quality
    • 03:31 - Include attachment hyperlink (URL) to view the submission in the LIVE web portal
    • 03:57 - Exceptions, colour-coding, display options, visualize slider question type
    • 06:38 - Time formatting, time-based question types, best practices

    Stu Rathbone
    Director - Support & Enablement

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