Use Case Showcase

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In this video @Brad Amberley , Sr. Sales Engineer at ProntoForms, walks through how to use Min & Max values to validate inputs. When would you use this? Think of any scenario where data collected should fall into an acceptable range but if the value falls outside the acceptable range, they can be highlighted or notifications sent to a person, group or other destination.​ ​
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@Brian Eshpeter , Director of IT for Dawson Group explains how they approached rolling out ProntoForms to solve multiple business challenges around consolidating various disparate legacy systems. Using ProntoForms they were able to marry their Payroll System and Operations Systems into one solution, capturing data for government regulatory purposes, vehicle inspections, and employee time cards. ​
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This is an excellent Use Case Showcase where @Brian Dowler , VP of Customer Care for Conair Group shows off how they are using ProntoForms to capture images after the installation of their products by their Technicians. Customers of the installation can then provide comments, sign off that the work was done and they get a copy it all for their records. Super cool! ​