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    Posted 09-13-2021 10:29

    Hello Everyone, 

    Did you know that ProntoForms OEM's an analytics solution called Birst? Leveraging Birst Analytics, users can import ProntoForms submission data and create analytics reports to mine data trends. Birst is a next generation SaaS platform for enterprise BI and analytics. It enables all users to access data and more importantly use data to make business decision. With Birst users are able to quickly create reports, KPIs, and dashboards with all data throughout the organization.

    ProntoForms Advanced Analytics offering combines ProntoForms amazing data capturing features with Birst analytics reporting features which provides you with a front to back data solution. The data that is captured from ProntoForms can also be merged with operational data to help uncover deeper trends in your business process. 

    ProntoForms takes care of the integration between the two systems and provides report and modelling services as required. Through our service offerings ProntoForms can help create and support your analytics projects. However users with analytics experience can still have their hands on the steering wheel when creating content if they wish to do so. 

    Clients who sign up for Advanced Analytics receive the Enterprise Edition of Birst. Please contact us with any questions regarding the analytics offering and services provided. 

    Further information on ProntForms Advanced Analytics Offering:

    You can read more about Birst here:

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    Graydon Gardner
    Manager, Pre-Sales & Analytics

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