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  • 1.  Multi-select or Dropdown from Data Source question

    Posted 05-09-2022 21:21
    Edited by Scott Gilleland 05-09-2022 21:42
    When using a Multi-select or Dropdown with options from a data source, I get a blank selection choice at the bottom of the popup, like this:

    When selecting this, the following message shows up on the form:

    It doesn't affect the performance of the form in any way.  It won't keep the form from being submitted.  It's just annoying. Is there any way to keep the blank answer from showing up on the popup selections?

    Edit:  This is an uploaded Excel data source.

    Scott Gilleland
    Senior Field Service Engineer
    Messer Cutting Systems

  • 2.  RE: Multi-select or Dropdown from Data Source question

    Posted 05-10-2022 14:20

    Hey Scott, 

    I just did some playing around with this and think I have found out why thats happening. 

    When we are parsing through a data source to find the options to display, we will read the rows and then the columns. There is a good explanation here (it says Google Sheets but is also applicable to Excel):

    It describes how we process the records in a data source and explains why would see a blank value in your drop down. In my test, I have 2 columns that are used for my options. If these 2 columns have different number of options, you will generate a blank value in the list of options because ProntoForms needs to read that row to get the options for the other column and just assumes that "blank" is an option. 


    Data Source with different number of options:
    The app:

    Data source with the same number of options:

    Hope this helps! 

    Ian Chamberlain
    Implementation Specialist

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