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The Support Files: Compatible Image Formats

  • 1.  The Support Files: Compatible Image Formats

    Posted 03-23-2023 12:48

    A common ticket we receive in Support is around Invalid Request Data errors. One of the common reasons for this error is due to the image format of images being included in the form submission. This comes up a lot with our customers who are using new Android devices to fill out their forms.

    With the latest updates to Android, most of the newer Android devices have released a photo format like the "Live" photos found on Apple (iOS) devices.

    Currently ProntoForms does not support this type of image format, called "HEIF" on Android devices and "HEIC" on iOS devices. ProntoForms supports the common image formats of "jpg", "jpeg", and "png". Unliked the "HEIF" or "HEIC" formats, the formats supported by ProntoForms are 100% compatible with any document, platform, or data destination.

    When a form submission uses this image format, the portal cannot process the submission and it's marked as an error.

    With these new Android devices, some users may face a problem that their device is configured to use this new image format by default, and they are unaware that they have it enabled.

    For this reason, we would like to mention the two ways you can use to prevent this.

    The first one is to use the ProntoForms app to take pictures, instead of using the camera app from the device. This will set the basic configuration on the picture to avoid this incompatible format and allow the users to submit the forms without issues.

    However, in some specific cases, your field workers may prefer to upload the pictures manually from their own devices, where they have their own configuration and quality control. In those cases, to avoid this issue on your form submissions, you will need to disable this configuration on the devices being used by your field workers.

    Devices like Google Pixel or Samsung will indicate that they are using this image format by displaying an icon like this:

    Because each device uses a different mark and has its own configuration in a different place, our Support Analysts always recommend contacting your IT department to change the configuration, avoiding this issue with your submissions.

    If the user has already sent the form and got the error message, you will need to contact support to process these submissions.

    In conclusion, if you are getting these errors with your form submissions right now, or if you are changing the devices you are using for your form submissions to a new Android device, please make sure to take the pictures from the ProntoForms app, or contact your IT department to verify the configuration and check that the "Live" or "Motion" pictures are disabled on your device.

    Further information about our Image question type can be found in our product documentation here:

    Julian Oller Rubio
    Support Analyst

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